Dear Carol,
It’s been almost two years since we had that awesome three months in the woods on the Sunshine Coast. How magical and marvelous it was to wake up and venture out on the bridge with my coffee every morning. So many days we marveled at the sun peaking through the trees. ☀️

Yes, I will admit you loved your indoor trees more… with all those beautiful bells and whistles on them. I have the photographs to prove your insane love for Christmas ornaments!🎄☺️🎄

Having that said, let’s not leave out your love of golf. Perhaps it wasn’t the golf more than it was your love of fine food at the golf courses and let’s not forget the fun attire that went along with the sport! One day Carol, who knows, I may just go golfing. I will wear your lucky white gloves and knock one out for you.🏌️‍♀️

My dear friend, my loving soul person, you have taught me so much. I know you said, “get busy living” or “get busy dying”. You definitely took both seriously. You were brave, fearless and courageous.

So, I am continuing to “get busy living” but just wanted to take a brief moment in time to reflect on the beautiful “YOU” and reflect on all the “Good” that you have brought to me so I can now bring it forward.

There are so many countless ways, I am happy to say, you have impacted my life, in all environments, from work to play and all the way around.

Ah…the wonderful days of singing and playing the Beach Boys, Frankie Valli, the Bee Gees, and ABBA just to name a few. Those were truly precious moments!

When the cancer came again, at Stage Four, it was obvious you were going to pack for a different trip this time. The trip was “of” and “for” a lifetime yet so many trips have been lived and will be lived again.

So, with no beginning and no end Carol, here is a toast to you my friend with a frozen iced salted margarita with a pretty pink umbrella in it.

Cheers to you my bling girl, who was and always will always be my guardian angel 👼🏻. You now live on forever as an example of all that is good, inspiring and positive.

I love you, I love you, I love you.