About Heart Center Foundation

From our Founders

Fate and faith brought us together through our previous careers.

Intention brought us together to create a free platform for those experiencing grief and loss to heal themselves.

Gratitude brought our hearts together as one to bring Heart Center Foundation to you now.

Please join us so we may heal ourselves and the world through faith, intention and gratitude.

Heart Center Foundation Board of Directors

Lana Barry, M.Ed

Founding Member

After a traumatic accident in 2012 her whole life changed. She developed silent chronic conditions and lost her identity.

Through many modalities, including mindfulness and meditation she is now living her best life yet by loving the person she has become. It was through struggle and adversity that she healed her heart and found her true self again. 

Through volunteering in the community and adapting a holistic and spiritual approach to healing she found her new identity and purpose. She is now a Life Wellness Coach and a sexual and mental health advocate, helping others with all types of grief and loss.❣️

Lana can be reached at lbarry@heartcenterfoundation.ca

Louise Rolland

Founding Member

Louise Rolland is a Medicine Woman, Integrative Energy Practitioner, End of Life Doula and Health Coach who has studied and practiced for over 25 years the art of healing. She is also one of the Directors for the Heart Center Foundation.

Her passion for wellness began when she was a young woman and was faced with a diagnosis of cancer. She discovered Homeopathy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Chakra Therapy, Shamanism and Aromatherapy to mention only a few of the tools she now shares with her clients.

Presently Louise lives on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. She is developing a retreat, Medicine Bear Gardens, for those wanting to connect with nature, reflect and rejuvenate.

Louise can be reached at lrolland@heartcenterfoundation.ca

Sofia Khouw R. Psych.

Founding Member

Sofia is a registered psychologist based in Burnaby. In her day job, she works with men to become better fathers and partners following family violence incidents.

She is passionate about helping individuals to become a better version of themselves because she believes in their potential. She loves listening to people’s stories and is often full of questions about living and life in general.

Outside of work, she can be found hiking or snowshoeing on many beautiful trails in BC, cooking and baking in her kitchen, and curling up with a good book on the couch.

Sofia can be reached at skhouw@heartcenterfoundation.ca